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*Prices do not include a $1.50 service fee and any applicable taxes. 
Prices are subject to change without notice*


Bridal Makeup
$75 (1 hr)
*includes false eyelashes
Trial Bridal makeup
$55 (1.5 hrs)
$50-$75 (1 hr)
Just eye makeup
$25 (30 min)
Add false lashes
$10 extra (10 min)
*individual or band lashes provided
One-on-one makeup lessons
Eyebrow tinting/lightening
$18 (15 min)
Eyelash tinting
$25 (30 min)

Eyelash Extensions

New classic set
$125 (2.5 hrs +)
3D Volume set
$140 (3hrs)
Touch-up 3 weeks or less
$55 (1 hr +)
Touch-up 4 weeks or more
$75+ (1 hr+)
$25+ (30 min)

*Eyelash extensions done by trained and certified technicians


Eyebrow shaping
$20 (15 min)
Eyebrow touch up
Upper Lip
$15 (10 min)
Eyebrow & Upper Lip duo
$30 (save $5)
$15 (15 min)
Full Face Wax
$35 (30 min)
*does not include eyebrows
$20 (15 min)
Full Arm
$36 (30 min)
Half Arm
$26 (15 min)
$30 (15 min)
*basic clean up
Extended Bikini
$40 (30 min)
*little further in or behind
$60 (30 min)
*everything off/optional strip left
Mainenance Brazilian
$50 (30 min)
*3-5 weeks
$60 (1 hr)
Upper Leg
$35 (30 min)
Lower Leg
$30 (30 min)
Add Bikini to any leg wax
$25 (15 min)
Women's stomach or lower back
$15 (15 min)
Men's Full Back or Chest
$55 (30 min)
Men's Partial Back or Chest
$35 (15 min)

Hands & Feet

Carte Blanche Spa Manicure
$50 (1hr 15)
*includes paraffin treatment
Classic Pedicure
$62 (1 hr)
Carte Blanche Spa Pedicure
$72 (1hr 15)
*includes paraffin treatment
Mani & Pedi together
$92 (save $10)
Add French Polish to Mani/Pedi
$10 extra (15 min)
Add OPI Gel Color to Mani/Pedi
$10 extra
Just Paraffin
$20 (30 mins)
Just OPI Gel Color application
$30 (30 min)
*includes filing, buffing
Soak off OPI Gel Color
$15 (30 min)
Soak off before new OPI Gel color application
Add Bio-Gel to pedicure
$20 extra (30 mins extra)
Polish Change Hands
$20 (30 min)
*includes filing & buffing of nails
Polish Change Feet
$25 (30 min)
*includes foot soak, filing & buffing of nails
Express Mani
$30 (30 min)
Express Pedi
$40 (30 min)
Kid's Mani
$20 (30 min)
Kid's Pedi
$28 (30 min)

bio-Sculpture Gel Nails

Sculptured Gel-Nail Extensions
$80 (2 hrs)
*nails must have a minimum of 2 mm of free edge to do extensions
Clear Gel Overlay
$55 (1hr 15)
*No added-length, includes cuticles
Clear Gel Fill
$45 (1hr 15)
French/Color Gel Overlay
$65 (1hr 15)
*No added-length, includes cuticles
French/Color Gel Fill
$55 (1hr 15)
Nail Sculpting
$6 ea. (15 min ea.)
*when getting overlay
Silk nail repair
$6-$8 ea. (10 min ea.)
Soak off alone
$20 (30 min)
*includes nail filing/buffing and oil applied to natural nails
Soak Off before new set

Aveda Facial Treatments.

NEW! Tulasara Facial Treatments 

Dry, oily, aging, sensitive and acneic skin conditions can all be addressed with a customized Tulasara Facial  Treatment.  Your esthetician will provide the best combination of products, personalized aromas and techniques to deliver a truly customized treatment to bring your skin to balance and reveal its natural beauty.

30 minute Tulasara Facial
This express facial is a perfect way to quickly address one skin concern from extractions to dryness.
60 minute Tulasara Facial
With this hour long treatment your esthetician can fully address your skin concerns while performing relaxing massage techniques to bring your skin fully into balance.
90 minute Tulasara Facial
This expanded facial fully addresses your skin concerns while giving you extra neck, shoulder, scalp and a foot massage.

Advanced facial treatments

Dual Exfoliation Treatment
$135 (1hr 30)
The dual exfoliation treatment is Aveda's latest advancement in non-invasive, skin renewing treatments. Using innovative techniques this treatment combines Aveda's naturally derived mechanical and biochemical exfoliation methods into one powerful service that rejuvenates the skin through the process of dual exfoliation,
Perfecting Plant Peel 

Beyond glycolic peels, this plant peel gives you the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel but without the associated irritation.

30 minutes
Series of 4 treatments
$220 (reg. $240
Botanical Skin Resurfacing Treatment 

With the power of tourmaline crystals this treatment is equivalent to one pass of Microdermabrasion. Great for rough, bumpy and uneven skin to reveal its radiance.  Not recommended for very sensitive skin.

30 minutes
60 minutes
Series of 4 (30 minute) treatments
$220 (reg. $240)

Skin Care Extras:*

add 15 minutes of Thermocoagulation to any facial $25
add a Perfecting Plant Peel to any Tulasara Facial $10

* please notify to add these upon time of booking as extra time is needed

Aveda aroma Massage

Aveda Aroma Massage 

Enjoy a relaxing 30 minute back massage or a full 60 minute body massage with your choice of Aveda aromas incorporated to give your massagea personal touch. Swedish massage only, we do not offer Registered Massage Therapy.

30 minutes
60 minutes
Fusion Stone Massage 

Fusion stone massage offers both the benefits of Aveda aroma-therapy fused with the sensation of hot stone massage for a truly relaxing experience.

60 minutes

Aveda Body Treatments

Smoother skin texture, body detoxification and hydrated skin can all be achieved with a customized body treatment.

Aveda Aroma Body Polish
$100 (1hr 15)
This spa experience combines both an exfoliating body polish with a moisturizing body massage to reveal smooth, soft, polished skin. This treatment also includes an aromatic steam shower.
Aveda Aroma Body Wrap
$110 (1hr 30)
A full body treatment that begins with a dry exfoliation, followed by a warm Caribbean seaweed body masque to smooth and detoxify. A restorative body massage with our Caribbean body butter completes this island-inspired experience. This treatment also includes an aromatic steam shower.
Chocolate Mud Wrap
$110 (1hr 30)
Our warm Moor Mud is blended with pure cocoa powder to make this a chocolate lover's dream wrap. This treatment includes a full body dry exfoliation, and aromatic steam shower and a moisturizing body massage.